• Open Now

    Pacific Grill

    Gay-owned restaurant and lounge just a few blocks from St. Helens neighborhood

    St. Helens, 1502 Pacific Ave 100% Love it
  • Bostwick Tully’s Coffee

    Cafe and coffee shop offering up snacks, coffee and gay, gay, gay

    St. Helens, 764 Broadway 100% Love it
  • One Heart Cafe

    Cute little gay coffee shop in the fabulous St. Helens gayborhood of Tacoma

    St. Helens, 604 Fawcett Ave 100% Love it
  • Quickies Too

    Sister restaurant to Hillside Quickies (insert fabulously inappropriate joke here), Quickies Too is the be-all end-all restaurant

    1324 Martin Luther King Wy 100% Love it
  • The Den

    Found within UrbanXchange, The Den Tea Bar & Pastry House is a hip, happening gathering spot for local musicians and students alike

    1932 Pacific Ave 100% Love it
  • Open Now

    Infinite Soups

    Just as the name implies, this all-you-can-eat spot is a universe of soupy edible

    St. Helens, 445 Tacoma Ave S 100% Love it
  • East and West Cafe

    Pan-Asian Fusion cafe with delights from the East with influence from the West

    5319 Tacoma Mall Boulevard % Love it